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Autumn 2015 Astrology Summary

Jupiter in Virgo
Saturn in Sagittarius

The Equinox begins on September 23 as the Sun moves into Libra. About a week earlier, Saturn returned to transiting the sign of Sagittarius, so we will be adjusting back to that energy of "needing to know" in order to form a solid foundation. In the next few months, there will be a couple of wedge patterns, a cradle pattern and a T-square for us to focus on. Also, the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto will be back in action.

The beginning of this season starts with a sextile from the Sun to Saturn in Sagittarius that should give us a boost of energy until September 28. There will also be a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries on the 27/28th of September. The eclipse is of the saros series 137. The opportunity to view it will depend on where you live and what the weather is like. The last day of September, the Sun and Mercury will form a conjunction in Libra to give us some sound thinking power.

On October 8, Venus returns to Virgo after the little retrograde detour it took in Leo. This will add to the clump of planets in Virgo. Mercury will, station direct right at the edge of Libra on the 9th of October.

October 12/13 is the Libra new moon which will be opposing Uranus in Aries. If you are afraid of setting off sparks, then keep your opinions to yourself.

October 17, Mars will join up with Jupiter in Virgo to give us some creative inspiration. Don't go nuts with the inspirations or you will burn yourself out.

October 25 - 26, 2015 brings up a pattern that I find most interesting. It will form incongruent triangles tethered at the apex with two opposition, two quincunx/inconjunct and two semisextile aspects. It looks a little like an hourglass. Note the image at bottom of the page. For those of you who want to look at the astrology/geometry of the aspects, let's look at the four signs involved. We have Aries (Cardinal Fire Masculine), Virgo (Mutable Earth Feminine), Libra (Cardinal Air Masculine) and Pisces (Mutable Water Feminine). So, these triangle aspects are perfectly balanced in Receptive signs and Element signs, but is dominated in Cardinal and Mutable without any Fixed Qualities. The other quirky factor is that Chiron in Pisces is not considered to be a planet, per se, so that could muddy up the interpretation waters of this unusual aspect pattern. The other irony is that the semisextile is 30 degrees past 0 degrees and the quincunx is 30 degree before 180 degrees (the opposite of 0 degrees). If you are not into the geometry of astrology aspects, this won't have much meaning to you. If you are into this, you recognize that the symbol for the quincunx quincunx icon is the upside down version of the semisextile symbol. semi-sextile icon I think that's pretty cool that these two aspects are working in concert to create this pattern. Another cool feature of this pattern is the fact that there is a stellium of planets in Virgo; Venus, Mars and Jupiter. So there's not just four planetary placements, but, instead there are six. With the push between Cardinal and Mutable qualities, we may feel conflicted between forging ahead or just sitting back into a mode of adapting. Aries and Libra are, "Let's get this party rocking," while Virgo and Pisces are, "Let's take a moment to review and analyze this situation." The nice thing about Cardinal and Mutable working jointly is that there is the ability to make decisions to work together easily. We might be able to make good use of this unusual transit!

October 27 is the full moon in Taurus while Venus and Jupiter are forming a conjunction in Virgo, and the Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces. Miracles and mysteries. For those who have been tuned in to the Uranus and Pluto square, it's back on. Uranus's retrograde in Aries has moved back into the square with Pluto in Capricorn.

November starts in a fairly low keyed tone, but it will build. The new moon in Scorpio is November 11. The Gemini full moon is November 25. Mercury meets up with Saturn in Sagittarius while transiting at a high declination. Mercury will begin transiting out of bounds November 29, lasting until December 25. This period can cause bursts of intellectual and physical vulnerability. Added to this feeling of vulnerability, the Sun will begin the annual high declination transit to the south on December 7, as we approach the winter solstice. This can pick at our emotional memories. This might be why we typically feel so emotionally bound-up around this time of year.

New moon in Sagittarius is December 11. The Sun will trine Uranus and square Jupiter. Life events are likely to change in a heart beat. On December 22, the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn for the winter solstice.

Oct 25 aspect chart

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