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Autumn 2016 Astrology Summary

Thank you everyone for hanging in there with me as I finished up with my Master's degree. October 1, on the New Moon was the final completion date. Now back to Lunar Living's site to fix the issues. The server has been upgraded and appears to be more stable, but with the upgrade came new code issues that I am working on. Please bear with me since this will involve a lot of re-writing of code. I'm working on the Store section, the Guestbook, and some other interactive pages. If you see issues, please use the email contact page to send me the URL that you are wanting/needing updated.

The end of September
The autumnal equinox occurred on September 22 as the Sun entered Libra. There was more mental acuity that we noticed as soon as Mercury stationed direct motion and we felt the mental sharpness through September 28. This was also a period that we felt more successful and driven. Venus entered Scorpio on September 23 and Mars in Capricorn began September 27.

October 1 is the New Moon in Libra, as new beginnings are changing how we perceive situations. We are likely to feel an influx within our partnerships and our friendships until October 13. Our drive may also wax and wane as we feel periods of ups and downs within our stamina. This is a period of bursts and busts that will likely confuse us because it will happen so suddenly. Mercury will move into Libra on October 7th, and our minds may spin as we try to make sense of all the quick transitions.

As we move into the last half of October, be aware that we are more accident prone starting about October 13 and lasting through to the end of October. We will feel more driven between October 17 to October 22, while friends and party activities, along with business motives may be on the agenda the last week of October. The Aries Full moon is October 16th. Venus moves into Sagittarius on October 18, and the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 and Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 24. The Scorpio New Moon is October 30, making for a very dark Halloween evening for trick or treat. Be careful out there!

There is some reprieve the first half of November. We may experience some short bursts of curiosity, drive and romance, yet, it may feel fleeting, and possibly a little confusing that it is there one minute and gone the next. Mars will enter Aquarius on November 9. This should bump up our desire for networking and interacting with friends. We may notice more friend activity between November 11 and 19. The Full Moon in Taurus is November 14. We may notice that our desire to learn new facts gets sparked between November 15 and 18. Then our brains will flutter and drift in and out of focus to the end of November. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21. The romance meter may perk up after November 23 and stay alert through December 3rd. The New Moon in Sagittarius in November 29.

Our drive returns December 1st through 8th which will push us to strive for more success between December 2 and 15th. Mercury will move into Capricorn on December 2. Venus will move into Aquarius on December 7. Be careful though, because we may have an underlying level of emotional sensitivity during that time. Around December 19, we may notice that our drive has slowed down, but there is still enough there to carry on with some projects with self-motivation. Mars will move into Pisces December 19 when Mercury is settling into retrograde motion in Capricorn. There will be some very mixed messages that we will need to navigate. We may want to party and relax with friends, but then discover that nothing is going as planned. The Winter Solstice will begin on December 21.

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"Help me understand how to read this chart" is one of the most common requests we get by people who are interested in interpreting their chart. There is a process to natal chart interpretation [delineation] and the first step is understanding why the chart is set up like it is. There is lingo to learn and mystical terminology that is usually Latin to be defined. This first step will set the newbie well on his/her way to understanding "WHY?" the chart looks that way.

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