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The Website has Moved

If you are seeing this page, that means that the Lunar Living information on the new server on now live. We are still working on finishing up all the pages and directories. While the URL for Lunarliving is the same, you may actually transition back and forth across both servers, depending upon which link you click on. In about a week or two, all the pages will show up from the same new server.

The store is still in transition. Little by little, it should all be done soon.

Some sections of Lunar Living are totally gone. Some features are to be updated. If there is a function on the site that you want returned, contact me through the contact page and we will see what we can do to get it back up for you.

Thank you so much for your patience during this transition.

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Lunar Nodes Explained
Featured Article by Maritha Pottenger

Lunar Living Astrology provides several articles about the Moon's nodes and how they tie into astrology. The most popular articles are "Lunar Nodes Explained" and a featured article by Maritha Pottenger, "Nodes of the Moon." Some basic facts about the nodes, to get you started, are that the nodes are always opposite of each other, are almost always moving backwards (retrograde) and that the nodes are not stars, planets or asteroids; they are mathematical points in the sky. Please read the pieces to learn the significance of the lunar nodes in astrology.

2017 Moon Signs Astrology
& Lunar Event News

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Upcoming Astrology Events

Feb 3 Moon enters Taurus
Feb 3 Venus enters Aries
Feb 5 Moon enters Gemini
Feb 6 Jupiter Stations Retrog. Libra
Feb 7 Moon enters Cancer
Feb 7 Mercury enters Aquarius
Feb 9 Moon enters Leo
Feb 11 Moon enters Virgo
Feb 11 ~*~ Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Leo
Feb 13 Moon enters Libra
Feb 16 Moon enters Scorpio
Feb 18 Sun enters Pisces
Feb 18 Moon enters Sagittarius
Feb 21 Moon enters Capricorn
Feb 23 Moon enters Aquarius
Feb 25 Mercury enters Pisces
Feb 26 Moon enters Pisces
Feb 26 *~*New Moon/Solar Eclipse Pisces
Feb 28 Moon enters Aries
Mar 2 Moon enters Taurus
Mar 4 Venus Stations Retrog. Aries
Mar 4 Moon enters Gemini